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Monologue a Day Project - Day 26

A man discusses many things... including coffee, dogs, his private and inner thoughts, plus second marriages.

Monologue a Day Project - Day 25

A man explains the true damage that has been done.

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 19

A strange memory from Catholic School.

reBlog from Eric Hellman: Go To Hellman

I found this fascinating quote today:

From what we've been able to piece together, the book "lending" takes place in "libraries". On entering one of these dens, patrons may view a dazzling array of books, periodicals, even CDs and DVDs, all available to anyone willing to disclose valuable personal information in exchange for a "card". But there is an ominous silence pervading these ersatz sanctuaries, enforced by the stern demeanor of staff and the glares of other patrons. Although there's no admission charge and it doesn't cost anything to borrow a book, there's always the threat of an onerous overdue bill for the hapless borrower who forgets to continue the cycle of not paying for copyrighted material.Eric Hellman, Go To Hellman, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 17

An actor is sick of being stereotyped as either a nice Jewish boy, or a flaming Queen.

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 10

A young man discovers why they call it a "crush"

Monologue a Day Project article at

My good friend and colleague, Shavar Ross, posted this terrific article about my grandfather, and my latest attempt to record a monologue a day. Give it a read, and then check out the rest of his great website.

Monologue a Day Project - Day 9

A speech from Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare... is anybody hungry?

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 7

A former nuthouse inmate makes an attempt to describe what you might expect if you do a stint in Bellevue's Psycho Ward.

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Monologe a Day Project - Day 6

A cubicle dweller has a rather unhealthy obsession with one of his co-workers.

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 5

A boxer comes to terms with the real reasons why some men obsess on the gym...

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 4

A heroin addict wrestles with his attitude towards the common cockroach.

Hybrid cars poop leaves

Hybrid cars poop leaves, originally uploaded by hollywoodkids.

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 3

Dramatic monologue about a racist, and his reaction to a shooting in his town.

Monologue a Day Project - Day 2

Seriocomic monologue about a guy who's having a really bad day.

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Monologue a Day Project - Day 1

Monologue a Day Project

Keith Coogan learns and performs a monologue a day as inspired by Julie and Julia. Hope you enjoy. Shot on the Sony HDR-HC1, cut with iMovie on an iMac. Day 1 is a prison monologue, shot and uploaded on January 1st, 2010. Happy New Year, everybody!