Monday, December 01, 2003

I hope you are feeling better. Everybody has their horns on here at work. "Python" - hiss hiss. If you need anything, call pink dot and have them bring it to you. (just use the card) I don't know how late I will be working today, probably 3 or 4, it is the busiest and craziest day they have had all year. Nothing new in the gossip arena, except that I found out we handle Ron Jeremy's calls, we are so busy, no one even has time for a joke or a jab. Usually we are a very fun office, but when I came in this morning, it was like I was at the law firm that represents Scott Peterson, or Michael Jackson. No fun. Fuck it. I'll make it fun. I'll put Visine in the coffee pot, that ought to get things moving here

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