Sunday, November 14, 2004

A Yuppie International Banker's Apology to his children in 2008 just before he disappears from public view:
"On behalf of my generation and all others like me, please accept my apology for those acts listed below:
1. Forgive me for allowing my children to play excessive video games and become violence oriented from them. I didn't listen to the researchers back in the 1980's. Back then it was clinically discovered that the affects of violent games had lasting effects but I ignored those findings. The games became worse and more violent after the turn of the millennium but I figured "it would happen to someone else's children."
2. Forgive me for not making my children play outside with other children. Instead, I sheltered them indoors where they were in front of either the television or computer.
3. Forgive me for ignoring the cries, pleads and warnings of true patriots that years ago told me liberties would vanish forever, until a civil war ensued. But today experts don't think a grass roots movement has a chance, because of tracking chip implants.
4. Forgive me for laughing off the crooked elections back in 2004 as an internet hoax - and thinking that because the media was silent about it there wasn't a problem. Was I ever wrong.
5. Forgive me for not voicing opposition towards the Patriot Act, and the follow-up to it some called Patriot 2. It truly was the beginning of the end of freedom in America.
6. Forgive me for not disciplining my children, and giving into the whining liberals that said any form of effective discipline is abuse. Now my son is in trouble with the law because he thinks the world is like a video game, and lashes out at anyone at anytime. Teachers at school now are threatening that if he isn't on a mind-controlling drug, he won't be allowed at school.
7. Forgive me for finally giving in to email porn and letting my children see it. I could have stopped it with the right software, but didn't think it would affect them that much. That is, until my 14 year old daughter tried to pose for a pay-porn website. By then it was too late.
8. Forgive me for firmly thinking that God doesn't exist. Scientists today have finally admitted to it after decoding the remaining DNA. I was dumber than a door-knob and went with the ultra-liberal viewpoints of past years. It was the recent miracle of a drowned 12 year old girl that changed me. She was underwater for an hour, and when she was revived without brain damage. This convinced me God must exist.
9. Forgive me when I thought the economy would perpetually support a ballooning national debt. Now it's crashed and all agree it will not come back as it was. The chip implant has replaced all the cash I carried before. Years ago I knew the right powerful people in world government that could have averted this inventory system for humanity. It was right there within my grasp, but I never grabbed the chance to change things. Now were all just like inventory on a store shelf.
10. Forgive me for believing the Federal Reserve was part of the government. I was just going along with what I was taught in school. Shortly after becoming successful as a international banker, I discovered the truth but still chose to ignore it. It was when I found it was only in the business section of telephone directories, did I begin to think about it and look into it. Now I know America is run by the Bankers, and they pull every string in Washington. As we say in the business world about the golden rule - "He who has the gold, rules."
11. Forgive me for believing the fabricated myth of terrorism. Why did I believe only men that wear bed sheets in civilian life could only be responsible for the numerous terror acts that began in 2001 ? Television and media all stated this as fact, therefore I believed foreign terrorism on American soil was real.
12. Forgive me for pretending to ignore the missing people that began to be public in 2005. Good friends and relatives that vanished during the night. Neighbors whose front doors were wide open in the morning, no one home and their car in the driveway. But I was told it was for the good of America, so I believed it.
13. Forgive me for ignoring the countless deaths, mutilations and birth defects of returning service-people from the mid-east. There were so many that suffered from this. It wasn't on television, so I laughed them off as conspiracy nuts. Now my own grandchild is missing and arm and a leg at birth. And all my millions won't help him be normal again. Already the children are ridiculing him. This was his father's reward for volunteering for Bush's war - to bring the radioactivity and toxins home to harm his wife and unborn children.
14. Forgive me for thinking that chemtrails were not real. Recently a whistle-blower named John was on a live television interview exposing everything about it. He claimed he knew all about it, because he helped mix the chemicals used in the planes. I thought he was another conspiracy nut too, until the next morning it was announced a mysterious explosion happened in his home during the night where he was sleeping. He didn't survive. What got my attention was the Homeland Security vehicles that showed up at the blaze, and prevented ordinary local police from getting near it. Even fireman were not allowed access to put out the blaze. All they could do was to water down nearby buildings to prevent flash-over.
15. Forgive me for refusing to believe we were really under martial law since 2001. Only recently did Bush declare this, and tell the world he kept it secret to protect the world's economy. And all those years, many suspected that since 2001 it was in place ! It explains why all those various acts and bills on capitol hill Bush wanted, he always got. Including Patriot 2, the worst freedom crushing act in US history.
17. Forgive me for thinking that social engineering is a myth. Because of all the things I've listed above, I know its fact.
18. Forgive me for believing everything in history books must be true and factual. And for laughing off historical documents and European history that contradict what I was taught in school.
19. Forgive me for believing that the government could not legally take my hard-earned fortune and assets. They did it anyway. And everything else I owned. All because of a casual remark I made at the office talking about the president and a mentally challenged chimpanzee in the same sentence. But with the crashed economy all of it would have been lost anyway, because now the dollar is obsolete. I'm writing this email to you at the library because they also took my computer. I have to sign off now to go visit a camp for a place to eat and sleep. Some people here are whispering that I can't leave the camp once inside, but this America and that can't happen here."
Ted Twietmeyer

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