Friday, December 15, 2006

So, I just had to link to two posts that absolutely catch lightning in a bottle.

First up, my friend Wil has commented on the insanity that has overtaken this country as a whole, and more specifically, the absolutely stupid way in which our airlines and the TSA have reacted to the ongoing "Terrorist Threats".

Wil Wheaton's astute observations regarding the way TSA has been treating people.

Subsequently, I think everyone needs to ask Nurse Ratchett to up their meds. The total lack of caring regarding truth, justice and the American way has been addressed best in the following article.

Flying over the Cuckoo's Nest.

There, I did it. Now send me to one of those new camps, I want to play some volleyball with other "Fifth Columnists".

By the way, to the government official who can't read into my sarcasm, I'm just expressing my opinions and views. So, don't go picking me up in the middle of the night and "disappearing" me.


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Jeff Fiorentino - said...

I had shaving cream taken from me recently.

Which was a shame, because it was part of my master plan. I had planned to use that shaving cream to blind the cabin crew, and buy myself time.

Not to take over the plane!!! (no that would be wrong).. no no the plan was to blind them with the shaving cream which would buy me some time to help myself to the drink cart, and also additional nuts, as they seem to be quite stingy with peanuts lately on planes too.

The funny thing is, all this supposed "dangerous" stuff that they take from us, ends up on Ebay for the most part, then it gets won at auction, and shipped out to the winner by the seller..

Coincidentally, most of the journey to its new owner,, is via airplane.

So in the end, your confiscated items ends up getting a plane ride anyway. Just not the one you had planned on it having. LOL

Jeff Fiorentino