Thursday, March 29, 2007

The creators of "Lost" have listened to their fan base. They killed off the two most annoying characters ever introduced to a running series.

Now, all apologies to the actors that played Nikki and Paulo, it was through no fault of your own that your parts were added just to annoy us "Lost" fans. Heck, I have even worked with Kylie Sanchez, Sam Anderson, and Andrew Divoff. Andrew is the nicest "Bad Guy" in the industry. Sam is a classic, and Kylie is very sweet. If I was given any role in "Lost", I would immediately take it, sight unseen, so I cannot blame any of these actors or their work for their demise on the show. (Patchy and apparently Nikki and Paulo are dead, and Rose and Bernard have been downsized) But I have to say, that when Sawyer was all, "Who the hell is Nikki?" and when a killer spider was introduced to off them... I was grinning in my cold, sick, and rotten soul. My heart kept saying, "Yes! Kill them... kill them all, now!"

All great actors. And apart from Nikki and Paul, all great roles. I do wish the best for Kylie and Rodrigo, however... it was time they went away.

Take care all, and see you next week for the next episode of "Lost"!

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cynthia said...

lmao, i agree. i was thinking about you when they were pretty much burried alive.--haha, sucks.

cant wait till the next epsiode, so psyched =]