Thursday, May 24, 2007

I have to share a cool thing with you all.

Please check out the site that has been sending TONS of traffic over to my little old homepage.

Former Child Star Central

Here is a brief sample of what's on their homepage right now:

Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell) | File Under: "Extremely Offensive"
Maureen McCormick (The Brady Club) | File Under: Shaping Up
Shia LaBeouf (Even Stevens) | File Under: Indiana-Bound
Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) | File Under: Divorce Court, His
Marie Osmond (Donny & Marie) | File Under: Divorce Court, Hers
Keith Coogan (Adventures in Babysitting) | File Under: All-New Wil Wheaton?
Brian Bonsall (Family Ties) | File Under: Busted
Britney Spears (Teen Idol) | File Under: Out of Rehab
Keri Russell (MMC) | File Under: Married, and Expecting
Ray J (The Sinbad Show) | File Under: Sex-Tape Star

I thought this was absolutely awesome! Please visit their website, it is very entertaining to say the least.

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VDOVault said...

Hi Keith!

I'm about to send your blog a tiny bit more traffic by adding your blog to my blog's blogroll (check the section called Entertainment Professionals Blogs)

Good to see you here in the middle of the blogosphere. What have you been up to these days?

The Vault

PS I loved what you did in 'Hiding Out' and of course 'Adventures In Babysitting'

PPS Help yourself to any of my photos etc for your blog, your website or your MySpace can go hunting through the 'Aquisitions' section of my blogroll for relevant stuff.

PPPS I would tease you about your slightly unhealthy iPhone obsession but given that I have my own obsessions to justify, I have reconsidered going there ;-)

VDO Vault

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