Friday, July 06, 2007

So let me get this straight....

I want to be sure I understand this.

A man was convicted of lying in court about outing a CIA officer.

But she was married to a man who didn't think Iraq was a threat.


The man that broke the law gets his sentence commuted by the very President that he was working for when he broke the law.

Was the President trying to get the man that was married to the CIA officer to shut up?

Why did they do it?

Does anybody else even know what I'm talking about or even care about the implications of the whole story?

Why are we at war with Iraq?

The legal reason seems to be something about WMD's.

The same ones that the guy that was married to the CIA officer said were probably not there.

So someone discloses her identity to get him to shut up or be discredited.

We go to war as a country against Iraq because everyone is so sure that there were WMD's.

There were no WMD's.

We executed the man that was holding at least some semblance of peace and order of the region in his dictator grip.

So we find out that the man that outed the CIA officer, who was the wife of the guy that didn't think there were WMD's is busted, and then found guilty of lying and sentenced to jail and fined.

Our President then commutes his sentence so he doesn't have to do the jail time.

But didn't the lie that he told help the President get the political clout he needed to attack Iraq?

Is this an infinite loop of illogic.... or am I missing something?

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Rhonda said...

No. I don't think you are missing a thing. I appreciate that you are one of a few who will try and sort it all out for others who don't seem to care to even take time to notice.