Friday, November 09, 2007

Inland Empire

The latest film by David Lynch is remarkable. I haven't even been able to view it in one sitting because it holds so many powerful subconscious and subliminal triggers and layers that I am still reeling from watching just over one hour of this 3 hour opus.

I have recognized some themes and possible messages though, themes that wouldn't have been readily apparent if I hadn't obsessed over "Mulholland Drive" and found Lost on Mulholland Drive, which is an excellent and thorough collection of analysis, reviews and suggested interpretations of one of the best "puzzle" films ever created.

I say "puzzle" film only because it is the best and most simple way of describing the overall effect of watching the film, and then being captured by essences and small things late at night, when you thought you had put it down. These two movies can crawl right up under your skin and speak to the immortal soul and great unknown in each of us.

I rented "Inland Empire" from Netflix. I will now be turning my "three at a time" plan into a "two at a time" plan, as I am holding onto this disc and will be watching it endlessly looking for clues into its mysteries.

Here is what I've come up with so far. Now, some Lynch fans may say that I am grasping at the obvious, but I am peeling back this movie one layer at a time, so bear with me:

Actors are whores.

They sell a bit of their soul each time they book a movie.

The producer of the film within a film is the devil.

The lead actress made a Faustian deal with the devil.

Her soul is his to play with.

There is an image of rabbits in a sit-com.

The producer said he used to like to play with rabbits. And dogs.

Now I think he is playing with people.

She is a lost soul, condemned to play out life for the devil's amusement and entertainment.

All the world's a stage, and we are merely players.

****And all this from only 1 hour of this movie!!!***

It is too intense to watch all at once. But I will try this weekend.

David Lynch has tapped into so much stuff that I am stunned into awe.

I will try to continue my analysis as I watch more of the film.


Keith "Oh My Gawd, what a weird film!" Coogan

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