Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's going to jail?

I just want to know one thing... who's going to spend time in federal prison for orchestrating this financial fiasco?

Who's to blame?

I certainly don't want to pay for it out of my taxes, that sounds very socialist to me. Usually, it's the rich complaining about socialism, but this time the upper class needs the tacit approval of the unwashed masses before looting their bank accounts.

The oil companies just had several years of obscene record profits in the billions of dollars range.

The fat cats on Wall St. throw around advice like, "Be sure to split any deposits above $100,000 between accounts, or it's not covered by FDIC."

Yeah, like we all have hundreds of thousands of dollars and have to worry about those kinds of details.

Don't forget the troops will be in the streets starting tomorrow... but don't worry, they're there to help us get through these tough times, I swear.

Civil unrest is unlikely however, only because almost everyone is tied up watching the new 90210, reading about Lindsay Lohan's lesbian love romp, and downloading britney spears' latest sex tape... so I don't expect to see riots coming to your streets any time in the near future.

Yet once again I ask... who's going to jail?

Because someone is going to have to pay for this, they're going to have to answer up to it, face us down under hot lights. Someone has to balance the books and make right what has been taken away from us... and I'll tell you one thing, it's not going to be me.

Say no to the bailout. Say no to daylight robbery. Say no to your elected officials, don't let them get away with robbing our children and grandchildren to pay some clever bankers.

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