Thursday, October 09, 2008

A terrific website that covers tons of squirrel attacks

You really need to go to this site.

I simply cannot believe I found a place that touches on my very serious fears of squirrel attacks.

Go and visit, and I hope you come away with the full gravity of the situation.

Be prepared... do your research... know the enemy.

They are mostly grey, brown and red... and they are already in your own backyard!


jamie said...

Wow...I didn't know there were others like me. I've been attacked by squirrels (I'm thinking the same damn squirrel) twice, and one once jumped at my office window from a tree. I'm pretty sure it was another attack on me. Thanks for the website.

Casa Ogden said...

Keith, I too have really been attacked by a squirrel. Central Park in NYC, circa 1982. It was a rougher city back then. The cute little bastard came flying up out of a large metal trash can and latched onto my six year-old face. With the claws. It was apparently retaliating against me for the aggression of a band of older boys with sticks. I was an innocent bystander, but I had bandages on my face for weeks!