Friday, January 04, 2008

David Lynch on iPhone

David Lynch breaks it down. I agree that no one can "fully" enjoy a film while watching one on an iPhone. I also think that being able to bring up "Office Space" so that you can have a quick laugh and not strangle the person in front of you has its own merits. Trust me, nothing is cooler than waiting in a parked car while watching "Transformers" on your iPhone just lying there on the dashboard. Oh yeah, with the sound blarring through your car stereo. It is pretty awesome. I will have to load Mulholland Drive onto my iPhone tonight, and see just how much I "miss" while watching on my iPhone. Now, with video out, I can take a copy of one of my short films or features with me anywhere I go and plug it into almost any television set and I'm able to show it. I could show my portfolio, or reel, or music video, or whatever. I agree with David Lynch that there is no way to take it all in on such a small device, especially when artists like David (and myself) create entertainment and art with the hopes that it is viewed/enjoyed/consumed within certain constraints, or rather suggested canvases. I myself also like to "leave a little headroom" and I like the volume cranked, but I have to say, the following movies sure do look pretty damn good on my iPhone:

Casino Royale
Blood Diamond
Grindhouse (Planet Terror is the best movie ever)
King Kong
Live Free or Die Hard (freakin' awesome)
Batman Begins
Superman Returns
V for Vendetta
and of course...Office Space

All legal copies by the way, I simply have a portable DVD player called an iPhone and of course I bought every single DVD in meat space, for full price, from either Target or Satan (Best Buy)*

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*Best Buy attorneys please note my satirical tone.

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