Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sean Young, we love you!

Gorgeous and talented starlet Sean Young has my total support. Let me think, an older (not 14) woman, talented yet fiercely individual professional, after getting pushed aside and marginalized by major studios for years, has an incident at the DGA awards which serves as a catalyst for seeking help with substance or alcohol abuse.

Um.... I think that's great! I just have to say, I know and love Sean, I always felt she got a bad rap from men in the business that are afraid of powerful women. She always managed to roll with the punches, and take advantage and play on her reputation. She always had a great humor about the business, and a drive and ambition to match no other. My comment to an actor that DOESN'T dress up in a catsuit and stalk the director is, "Well you obviously didn't want the part!"

So Sean, I love you and am sending good mojo your way. Get well, and we'll see you when you get healthy. And for all others, please rent the movies that we worked on together, "Cousins" and "Forever: A Ghost of a Love Story", so that we can get some of that big residual money!

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