Monday, July 13, 2009

Correcting a few internet inaccuracies

Just a few things I would like to clear up. Most information about me on the internet is OK, but there remains some bad details that I'd like to clarify.

My professional and legal name has never been anything other than Keith Mitchell/Keith Coogan. Regardless of how many times or who my mother married, I never changed my last name to anything other than Mitchell or Coogan.

I have never been credited as "B. B. Beamon"

I did not write the screenplay for "Eddie".

For the Disney Television Series "Gun Shy" which was based on the made for tv movie, "The Apple Dumpling Gang", I actually was in the last 4 episodes, not the first. Adam Rich did replace me, but only from the pilot for the first two episodes of the series... after two episodes, they cast me back in the role, where I finished the order for the network. Disney, however, aired the series episodes out of order, so it looked like I was replaced by Adam Rich after completing four episodes. Not the case. I was replaced after the pilot, but then I re-replaced Adam for whatever reason.

I am nowhere near the 5'7" that IMDB says I am.

My favorite color is red...

...and I like puppies.

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