Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sarah Palin represents all that is anti-American

Sarah Palin has finally convinced me that she may very well be the anti-christ. At least she has shown some of the most anti-American traits I have ever seen in a public figure. Let me break it down:

1. Breaking your word and quitting. When she ran for Governor of Alaska, she made a commitment to serve as a public figure for a determined amount of time. Once she stepped down as Governor for apparently no reason, she broke that oath of office and broke one of the basic principles of the founding fathers of this country. You can never give up, especially in the face of opposition. If Sarah Palin were somehow a part of the American Revolution, we'd all be drinking tea in the afternoons.

2. Being a good Mother. She failed to keep her own daughter from becoming pregnant while living under her own roof. It is as if she suddenly became the liberal stereotype of what can happen when a family doesn't pray to god every single day. Praying to god does not work as a contraceptive. Trust me. If you can't keep your household in order, how can you expect me to believe that you can run this country, or a state? And yes, having your under-age daughter become pregnant out of wedlock is the benchmark of a mother who apparently didn't teach her children the truth or consequences of having pre-marital sex. If she did, then her daughter didn't listen. Or, perhaps she never told her daughter the truth about where babies come from. They come from God, and that's that. God says don't have sex before you are married. Guess what? Palin's daughter had sex before getting married, and then she had a baby. So either her daughter is rebellious, or ignorant of the outcome of couch sex.

3. Wrecking the environment. Building a multi-million dollar home on the shores of a lake doesn't exactly sound like an environmentally friendly move. But then again, this is the one who says it's OK for folks to shoot wolves from a helicopter. So go ahead Sarah, build your pipelines, wreck the environment... have you not been watching the news? Green energy is all the rage... if you wanted to do things differently, then I would think you would help move the country off of fossil fuels, and into alternative energies, but by blindly destroying the environment and slavishly sticking with oil as the status quo, aren't you just demonstrating business as usual?

4. Being accountable. Sarah Palin has threatened to sue bloggers and any newspaper that re-prints anything from those blogs with defamation of character. You have to have character in order to have someone be able to decimate it... moot point. Why isn't Palin being held accountable for her remarks about Obama being a terrorist? Isn't that considered slander and libel? In her book, I guess not.

5. Being honest. Taking per diem money for travel to work, when in fact you don't deserve it is considered fraud. Confess your error, and pay back the cash. That is the American thing to do. Ignoring the problem, or resigning in grace, (since you didn't resign in disgrace, this is what I am left with) won't change the fact that you are not telling us the real reason you are stepping down. You are simply not telling us the whole story.

6. Having candor. Falwell, Clinton, and Sarkozy, these are all men that fessed up and yet continued to have a seat of power in the theater of the political world. You just seem full of shit. I don't believe for a second any of the things you have to say. There is some sort of agenda to which you are not letting me be privy to... so I have to come to the conclusion that what you are hiding could destroy us all. If you want to push the button and start WWIII, then please just say so... If you want to return this country to a collection of cave-dwelling primitives who club the next fertile female then keep it up... you're doing just great!

One thing I can't stand in politicians is the lying. I have much more respect when you simply tell me the truth. This was the one great thing about George Bush, no spin, he just said it like it was... "Yep, gonna git their oil, simple as that.... what? Is there anything wrong with that?" Nothing, George... nothing at all. Thanks for being honest.

So I feel that these traits demonstrate the possibility that Sarah Palin couldn't possibly be anything but a big, fat, lying politician. And that is pretty much the most anti-American thing I can think of one to be.

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Marla said...

I agree with you. I tried to be fair in my judgment of her when she was tapped by McCain for Vice President, but came to the conclusion that she was Bimbo Barbie. I was going back and forth about who to vote for until she showed up and cinched it for me.

I don't care that she is a woman, and I am too. She already had a track record for mismanagement and abuse of power, and we have enough of that floating around without approving it by allowing her to reach a higher office.

I truly hope that she is dropped from any political office in the future, but she will likely turn up again somewhere else, spouting complete nonsense and acting like a kid left in charge of a candy store.